Critical Fuel Systems

Since 1946, BFS Industries, LLC has been a leading source of boiler room and fuel system products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies in the United States.

The fuel oil market in North America has evolved over the last decade. These changes have created a new market that the industry has dubbed “mission critical”, and this new market requires a different approach to fuel system design and equipment selection.

In recognition of these market needs, BFS Industries has invested in building a new division dedicated to serving this new industry. In 2009 BFS created “CRITICAL FUEL SYSTEMS” which is dedicated to serving the needs of the mission critical fuel market.

In addition to their complete line of fuel system components and accessories, they are renowned for having exceptional customer service and technical support. Customers can rely on MPN Boilers and CFS’s team of engineers to assist them in designing a fuel system and selecting the right equipment to meet their needs.

Standard Product Line

  • Diesel pumping systems
  • Single and double wall day tank systems
  • Fuel maintenance and treatment systems
  • Above ground main fuel storage tanks
  • Fuel system accessories Integrated PLC based control systems