MPN now offers the full line of Oilon’s ChillHeat products. ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers are suitable for a wide variety of cooling and/or heating applications in large real estates, industrial processes, and the production of district heating and cooling. Heat pumps are a zero-emissions solution for heat and hot water in large buildings.

Oilon ChillHeat Industrial Heat Pumps And Chillers

Oilon ChillHeat S 180- S 490@33-min

Heat Pumps

The Solution for Sustainability

Heat pumps are the new system of choice for heating and cooling most large buildings in NY, as they are emissions-free and work in a wide range of exterior temperatures. According to Local Law 97, by 2030 there will be a 40% reduction in carbon emissions and an 80% reduction by 2050 for existing buildings. According to Local Law 154, prohibition on fossil fuels will begin with lower-rise buildings in 2024 and taller buildings in 2027. 

Oilon’s ChillHeat Heat Pumps recover wasted heat with a high-efficiency ratio, producing hot air or hot water for heating buildings and providing domestic hot water. A heat pump is an investment with a short payback period. Annual savings in energy can reach up to eighty percent – and the same goes for CO2 emissions as well!

ChillHeat Key Features

Combined Heating and Cooling

A single ChillHeat heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling at the same time, without any extra machinery involved. Valuable heat is available virtually for free, as it is generated as a by-process of cooling. 

Heat Recovery At Refrigeration Plants
Heat Recovery From Waste Water
Ground Source Heat
Flue Gas Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery From Industrial Processes (Evaporators, Cooling Towers, Driers)
Heat Extraction From Outdoor Air
Water Chiller Applications
Refrigeration Applications
Highest Temperature

About Oilon

Founded in 1961, Oilon is a Finnish family-owned energy and cleantech company. Oilon has over 60 years of experience in generating heat for private residences as well as large residential buildings, district heating networks, and for a variety of industrial processes, and nearly 20 years of experience in high capacity heat pumps and cooling solutions. Oilon is internationally renowned as a forerunner in the heating and refrigeration fields. Oilon also offers an extensive service network, guaranteeing long and cost-effective life for the products.

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