Local Law 154

NYC All-Electric New Buildings Law: What It Entails And How To Comply

Local Law 154 (“LL154”) was passed on December 15, 2021, by the New York City Council. The law sets strict CO2 limits on new construction, effectively requiring new buildings to be completely electric and free from fossil fuels by 2024 (for buildings less than 7 stories tall) and 2027 (for buildings more than 7 stories tall). With the passage of this law, New York City became the largest city in the world to phase out fossil fuels from newly constructed buildings.

What Buildings Must Comply With LL154?

Rather than banning the use of fossil fuels directly, LL154 prohibits the combustion of any substance emitting ≥25 kg CO2e/mmBtu (propane, diesel & home heating fuel, kerosene, natural gas, gasoline, residual heating fuel, etc.) in new buildings and gut renovations. Work that increases the floor service area of an existing building by more than 110% counts as a gut renovation, meaning the building will be considered new and is thus subject to LL154.
By January 1st, 2024, all new buildings less than 7 stories can no longer be using the prohibited fossil fuels, except for their hot water systems.
By July 2nd, 2027, fossil fuels are prohibited in hot water systems for all new buildings less than 7 stories. Buildings with 7 stories or more will also have to be free from fossil fuels for all energy uses.

LL154 Exceptions & Permitted Delays

1. Fuels occasionally burned in appliances not connected to gas lines or fuel oil piping and not used for heating or hot water (e.g. propane grill)

2. Buildings used to treat sewage or food waste.

3. Buildings used by utilities to generate electricity or steam

4. Spaces where combustion is required for manufacturing or laboratories, laundromats, hospitals, crematoriums or commercial kitchens—but only to the extent necessary and in the space used for that purpose

Permitted 2-Year Delays for Buildings with 50% or more affordable housing

How to Heat and Cool New Buildings Without Fossil Fuels

Heat Pumps are the solution for heating and cooling new buildings in compliance with LL154. Heat pumps are electrically powered, emissions-free, and work in a variety of exterior temperatures. MPN has air-to-liquid and liquid-to-liquid heat pumps available that provide a zero-emissions way to heat, cool, and make domestic hot water for your buildings.

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