MPN Boilers is proud to be
100% employee-owned
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MPN Boilers is proud to be 100% employee-owned

On July, 1st, 1993 Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. recognized that the best way to maintain the company's culture was to reward employees for their hard work and dedication. On that date, the owners of MPN sold their shares to the newly formed ESOP. An ESOP is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which is a type of employee benefit plan that enables all employees to become employee owners at no cost to themselves. MPN is very proud to be a 100% employee owned company, which means that every single one of our employees are owners and earn shares in the company. The value of those shares increases with the value of the company, and employees are rewarded for their hard work that helps the company succeed. With real ownership in the company, our employees are more engaged and take more pride in their work. At MPN Boilers, we strive to maintain a culture in which all our employees know the impact of their hard work and feel united as a team of vested owners.

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Why You Should Work for an ESOP Company

Job Security 

Research shows that employee-owned companies perform better than privately-owned companies. MPN Boilers is living proof! Since establishing our ESOP in 1993 our company has grown and prospered. Our service fleet has increased, our parts department has more than doubled in size, and we continue to expand.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Our employees increase company value through their efforts, and they deserve to share the profits that they create. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a free benefit to our employees for all their hard work. Having a financial stake in MPN Boilers motivates our employees to work harder, think creatively, and work efficiently as a team. MPN holds annual ESOP meetings, in which all employee-owners are gathered together to be informed of MPN’s financial performance and take a forward look at where the company is headed. Employee owners are also given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on the betterment of the company.

Do you look forward to solving a customers heating problem everyday?

Then you should consider joining Miller Proctor Nickolas to help us grow our business in the always changing NYC metropolitan area. MPN is a leading manufacturer’s rep organization for commercial and industrial heating products.

More Retirement Assets

Most companies offer their employees a 401(k). MPN Boilers offers a 401(k) in addition to an ESOP retirement savings plan. Unlike a 401(k), employees don’t have to contribute their own money towards their ESOP - it’s basically bonus retirement savings!

A Rare Benefit 

Very few companies offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and even fewer Manufacturers' rep. companies. MPN Boilers believes it’s the right thing to do for both our company and our employees. It's also the right thing to do for our customers. Employee-owned companies on average demonstrate significantly higher engagement. Being a 100% employee-owned company is an essential aspect of MPN Boilers. It enhances our core values of teamwork, innovation, and employee satisfaction as every employee makes a difference and contributes to the success of the company.


 We are proud to be an ESOP success story!

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