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MPN Boilers now offering Mobile Boiler Room Rentals

Mobile Boiler Rooms

If you are in need of a temporary boiler for your facility, MPN has a rental fleet with a solution for you. Our wide range of rental boilers is portable and our emergency boiler rentals can be on your site within hours. Whether for restoring steam/hot water due to an emergency, or for a long-term project, MPN Mobile hot water boilers contain everything to start, run, and maintain steam and hot water service. Our boiler systems help you minimize downtime for your business and keep operations running when installed equipment is not applicable.

Mobile Boiler Room 250HP-1 and Mobile Boiler Room 250HP-2

Trailer-Mounted Boiler Systems

MPN’s trailer-mounted rental boilers provide safe and reliable rental service for the duration of your boiler room projects. We provide 250hp hot water boilers complete with their own oil tank and return tank. Our temporary industrial boilers are New York City-approved and comply with the Department of Buildings and the Department of Air Resources regulations. New York City Department of Transportation permits are provided at no extra cost. Each portable boiler is professionally sized and installed to provide an optimum level of service.

Be it an emergency or designed project MPN - one of the leading boiler rental companies in the New York Metro area - is here for everything you need with our wide range of package boilers and temporary boiler rentals.  You can rely on us to provide a boiler rental solution that fits your exact requirements. 

1. What is required to rent a boiler?

You will be required to sign our standard lease agreement. A copy of this is available for your
review, if necessary.

2. Who will be operating the rental boiler equipment?

The lessee will be operating this equipment as if owned by them: i.e. – the lessee is responsible for
all maintenance routines and small daily and weekly normal repairs. Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. will
handle major repairs that are not the result of the failure of the lessee to properly operate and
maintain the equipment, as long as the work can be scheduled on a normal work-hour basis. Any
emergency repairs, which cannot be scheduled in advance or require labor to be performed at
times other than 8 to 5 weekdays are to the account of the lessee.

3. Are lessees allowed to modify the rental equipment?

No modifications are allowed to the equipment. If modifications appear to be necessary, you must contact Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. so that we can arrange a site-visual and discuss the apparent need for such modification.

4. Are penetrations allowed on the trailer?

No penetrations are allowed on the trailer in any form. Clamps may be applied to any of the trailer
structural members for the purpose of holding piping, wiring, etc.

5. Is insurance required for rental boilers?

The lessee is required to maintain insurance for loss and liability naming Miller Proctor Nickolas,
Inc. a co-insured. Insurance certificates will be required by us.

6. Who will be responsible for damages done to the rental boilers?

Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. will not be responsible for any consequential damages as a result of the
operation of this equipment or its failures to operate. In as much as we are not on the job 100% of
the time and are not responsible full-time for the boiler maintenance or service, we cannot be held
responsible for consequential damages.

7. How should the rental boilers be returned?

You are required to return the equipment at the completion of the lease in the same condition as it
was received: i.e. – should the boiler fireside have soot deposited, you will be charged for the
cleaning of the soot. Additionally, you will be billed for these services if the boiler waterside is
fouled with scale, and mechanical or acid cleaning is required. The cleanliness of the trailer is your
responsibility. Again, it must be returned in the same condition as you received it.

8. How to prepare for returning the rental boilers?

Upon the completion of the lease, there shall be nothing hindering the truck from being able to hoop
up to the trailer and remove it. Any job site delays, which would involve an invoice for demurrage
from the trucking company, will be billed to the lessee’s account.
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9. Who is responsible for the cost of the freight?

The cost of the freight is the lessee’s financial responsibility; Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. will make
the arrangements. Lessee pays the shipping charge from the storage location to the plant site and

10. Who is responsible for the boiler water chemical treatment program?

It is the responsibility of the Lessee to implement a boiler water chemical treatment program for the
rental equipment regardless of the length of boiler rental. Removal of any scale that might develop
during operation or damage that may occur is the responsibility of the Lessee.

11. Is a propane tank included with the rental?

It is the Lessee’s responsibility to furnish the propane tank required for the burner’s pilot.

12. Is startup service included with the rental boiler?

Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. provides the startup service at an additional charge unless otherwise

13. How to prepare the system for the rental return?

It is the lessee’s responsibility to prepare the system for return. All water must be drained and drain
points opened and verified dry or freeze damage will occur. Repairs due to freeze damages will be
billed to the lessee’s account.

14. What if the oil tank gets filled?

If the obtained oil tank is used and filled by the lessee, it must be emptied prior to moving the trailer.

15. Is additional access equipment included with the rental, such as ladders, platforms, steps,

Due to the fact that every potential customer’s access requirement to the trailer will differ, we do not
supply ladders,

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