Today’s MEP Consulting Engineers are challenged in many more ways than their predecessors. Not only do engineers find themselves tasked with more responsibilities, the expectations of the client are more intensive than ever in terms of timeliness and accuracy of deliverables.

As a means to conserve energy, building owners and operators rely on the MEP engineer to provide the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective heating system possible.

Achieving this customer expectation can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. Allow the trained engineering staff of Miller Proctor Nickolas to assist with this process. Most, if not all, of our sales engineers, have a mechanical or marine engineering background and have “hands-on” experience with the equipment that we represent. Our staff can provide assistance with the following tasks:

High and low pressure steam system design and equipment selection including boilers, deaerators, surge tanks and water conditioning equipment.

Hydronic heating system design and equipment selection including boilers, pumps and heat exchangers.

Heating plant control system design and implementation including the latest in IOT technology for remote monitoring and trending.

Code compliant sizing, design and material selection for pre-fabricated boiler and emergency generator exhaust systems.

Fuel oil storage and forwarding system design and equipment selection including tanks, tank monitoring systems, forwarding pump sets and filtration systems.

Heating System upgrades including but not limited to new burners, controls, economizers.

Domestic hot water system sizing and equipment selections.

Boiler room layout and coordination to assure all required service and accessibility clearances are achieved.

Unlike many other equipment vendors, the staff of MPN will provide the “complete” heating solution, from the fuel oil unloading port to the exhaust termination. The success of any engineering project can only be achieved with all equipment working in harmony. For example, a boiler connected to an improperly sized flue system will cause the boiler to operate poorly and will cause significant frustration to the customer. The staff of MPN understands the importance of avoiding this type of design conflict and will approach every project from a “system” method.

Contact the engineering team at MPN

Allow us to help alleviate the stress associated with design and implementation of any type of heating system whether it be steam or hot water. You will not be disappointed with services that we provide to the MEP engineering community on a daily basis.

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