Midway Jewish Center

Project Type – Boiler Replacement – Hot Water

Located in Syosset, NY, the Midway Jewish Center has always prided itself as being a closely-knit Jewish community focused on communicating Jewish values from generation to generation.  Starting in 2003, the center went through major renovations that were finally completed in 2012.  As part of these renovations, the HVAC system underwent a complete upgrade to bring the building up to date and to dramatically reduce energy costs.

The Midway Jewish Center selected SavMor Mechanical of Ronkonkoma, NY to provide design-build services for the HVAC System.  Due to tight space constraints and difficult rigging path, SavMor Mechanical Selected two (2) Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-C -500 Condensing hot water boilers to replace the existing 1960s vintage ribbon style boiler.  In addition to providing the boilers to SavMor Mechanical, MPN provided the Category IV flue venting materials.

The new ClearFire® Boilers operate with virtually no maintenance requirements and have been trouble-free since start-up was completed.  The boilers operate in a condensing mode during warmer ambient conditions and as a result significant energy savings have been achieved.

Customer Statement:
As an installer that focuses on service and reliability, the ClearFire® Boiler is exactly that, a very stable boiler that allows you to modulate the efficiency for your customer to gain the most energy savings. We matched these boilers with a Trane Tracer SC web-based BMS and the customer couldn’t be more satisfied” – Craig Schiavone - Project Manager – SavMor Mechanical