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Venting Solutions

Venting, proper sizing and routing of a boilers flue system is crucial to the overall performance of the boiler, domestic hot water heater or emergency generator. With condensing boilers the venting is especially important as the flue gas temperatures often times are not hot enough to rise naturally which can pose operational as well as safety concerns. Our prefabricated exhaust systems are designed using the latest technology and engineering while also offering quick and easy installation, saving you time and money. MPN has venting material available from both Cleaver Brooks Exhaust Solutions as well as Selkirk with and without insulation for category I,II,III and IV appliances with multiple sizes up to 48” I.D.


Positive Pressure Exhaust Systems are ideal for use in venting a wide variety of applications including:


  • Non-condensing boilers and other building heating equipment.
  • generator, Engine and Microturbine Exhausts
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Coffee Roasters



Selkirk PS / IPS Exhaust Systems

Selkirk Model PS and IPS are modular, prefabricated piping systems which embody flanged joints designed for both quick assembly and pressure-sealing capabilities.  They offer a combination of insulated piping components as well as the structural accessories needed for support and attachment to building structures.  PS and IPS are double-wall UL listed design and factory engineered and built.


Cleaver Brooks CBI Exhaust Systems

Cleaver-Brooks installation-ready boiler exhaust systems are more than the sum of their interchangeable male and female parts.  They are complete solutions that provide the latest technology to enhance the performance of your boiler.  Our CBI insulated exhaust systems are perfect for venting gases from liquid, oil, or solid fuel-fire boilers.  Ranging from 6 to 48 in diameter, they are ideal for industrial and commercial applications.  UL/ULc listed.


Special Gas Vents offer superior resistance to condensate by-product corrosion and are custom suited to the following applications:


  • ANSI Category I, II, III & IV vent applications
  • Negative, neutral, or positive pressure vent systems
  • Condensing or near condensing gas vent systems

Heatfab / Saf-T Vent CI Plus

Engineers have specified Saf-T Vent for more than 15 years.  Saf-T Vent was the first venting system using AL29-4C superferritic stainless steel to Test and List to UL1738, ULC 5636 (Special Gas Vent Systems.)  The combination of high quality products and our engineering support ensures your installation has high performance quality from appliance adapter to termination.


Cleaver Brooks Exhaust Solutions CBHLA

Condensing high-efficiency boilers require cutting-edge technology specially engineered for the highest efficiency boiler.  Our special gas vents provide flue venting for industrial, institutional and commercial applications and are well suited for condensing boiler applications.  Stainless steel as per UL1738.  UL/ULC listed.


Single wall negative, neutral or positive pressure capable, stainless steel pre-fabricated piping system intended for use in masonry chimneys to maximize safety and efficiency.


Selkirk G

Model G is a rigid, stainless steel, single wall modular venting system.  As a chimney liner, Selkirk Model G is designed for use in masonry or factory built chimneys to provide the flue gas venting of solid liquid and or gas fired appliances.  Tested and listed to UL-1777 and CAN/ ULC-S635.


Cleaver Brooks Exhaust Solutions CBI / CBH

Masonry chimneys require special products to maximize safety and efficiency.  Cleaver-Brooks offers an entire line of products designed specifically for these types of chimneys.  These systems are perfect for venting Category 1 gases and oil-fired applicance equipped with draft hoods or type B gas vents.  UL/ULc listed.


Grease duct products are designed for exhaust of combustion gases under positive, negative, or neutral pressure.  Performance     and energy efficiency are vastly improved with round grease duct designs.  Rounds systems have many advantages over rectangular systems including:

  • Less flow resistance
  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Significantly easier to clean than rectangular systems

Selkirk Zero Clear

Selkirk Zero Clear grease duct is an innovative factory built kitchen grease duct.  With a zero clearance rating, our integrated chase construction sets the standard for design.  Available in 3” & 4” wall thickness, 2 hour fire rating and a limited lifetime warranty. UL/ULc listed.



Cleaver Brooks Grease Duct Products

Cleaver Brooks Model CBG systems are designed for exhaust of combustion gases under positive, negative or neutral pressure, emanating from a variety of appliances.  Our grease duct products use the same male/female design and plasma welding construction as our larger systems, ensuring fast delivery and efficient installations. UL/ULc listed.