Formed in 1946 by John Garbarino, BFS INDUSTRIES, LLC. manufactures a complete line of boiler room and diesel generator support.  The BFS Controls Group specializes in the design and fabrication of industrial control panels, PLC-based control systems, and engraved labels.

Boiler room and diesel generator support equipment represent substantial investments, and they certainly are not to be taken lightly. That’s why, when the need arises, many in the industry turn to one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field – BFS INDUSTRIES, LLC.!

For over 65 years, BFS INDUSTRIES, LLC. has provided boiler room and diesel generator support products for industrial applications of all types. Their extensive product line includes packaged deaerator systems, boiler feed/condensate return systems and oil pumping systems. BFS INDUSTRIES, LLC. new division, Critical Fuel Systems, is focused on the fast growing “Mission Critical” diesel fuel market for data centers, hospitals and other emergency back-up power applications.

BFS INDUSTRIES, LLC. has worked hard to meet the diverse needs of our customers, offering quality products backed by the highest level of sales and technical support. Contact us today, and see why we’re considered the experts in the industry.

Standard Product Line

  • Feed Pac, boiler feed systems
  • Feed Pac LP Series, low-profile boiler feed and condensate systems
  • Fuel Pac fuel oil pumping systems, #2, #4, #6 oil
  • Zer-O-Pac Class “S”, spray type deaerators
  • Zer-O-Pac Class “T”, tray type deaerators
  • Zer-O-Pac Class “P”, packed column type deaerators
  • Zer-O-Pac Class “ST”, surge/transfer systems
  • Critical Fuel Systems product line