When it comes to the supply of hot water boilers for your commercial or industrial project, no other company can serve you better than Miller Proctor Nickolas. We have hot water boilers to serve every possible heating application from small residential and commercial buildings to large central heating facilities. Whether these boilers be gas-fired, oil-fired, condensing, non-condensing, ASME Section I, the experts at Miller Proctor Nickolas can help you select the best-suited equipment for your project along with all of the boiler room accessories necessary for a complete installation.

Exclusive dealer for Cleaver-Brooks Boilers and Parts


Since no single boiler manufacturer can provide equipment to meet every possible hot water boiler application, Miller Proctor Nickolas is proud to represent Cleaver Brooks and Raypak.
Both manufacturers lead the industry in terms of product offering, innovation and high efficiency ratings resulting in low operating costs and cost of ownership. With minimal product overlap, the team at MPN will assist selecting an equipment vendor best suited for the application based on criteria such as

• Initial capital investment
• Size constraints
• Available fuel(s)
• New construction or replacement project

With this unique capability, Miller Proctor Nickolas can offer a hot water boiler for every possible application whether it be an extremely simple, natural gas fired atmospheric boiler or a 2,000 boiler horsepower industrial heating boiler.

Established in 1929, Cleaver Brooks is world-renown for their conventional firetube boilers or “Blue Bullets” as referred to in the industry. Since development of this industry-leading firetube boiler design, Cleaver Brooks has extended their product line to include the following hydronic heating appliances:

• Award Winning, Natural Gas fired, high mass, Clearfire CFCe condensing hot water boilers in sizes ranging from 500,000 btu up to 12.0mmbtu/hr.
• Dual fuel, high mass, Switchfire, condensing hot water boilers.
• Electric hot water boilers up to 11.5mmbtu/hr output.
• Gas fired or dual fuel fired Model FLX Flexible Water Tube hot water boilers with capacities up to 600 boiler horsepower and option for field erection across entire product range.
• Gas fired or dual fuel fired Firetube boilers with capacities up to 1,200 boiler horsepower.
• ASME Section 1 medium / high temperature hot water industrial hot water generators.


Since 1948, Raypak has been known as the industry leader for commercial, gas fired, copper finned tube hydronic boilers. Known for their extremely simple, versatile, and lightweight designs, Raypak can offer hydronic heating boilers to meet every residential and commercial application with individual product lines geared to satisfy any budget. Raypak has extended its product offering to include products highlighting the latest in ultra-high efficiency condensing technology. Raypak products proudly represented by Miller Proctor Nickolas include the following:

• Natural gas-fired, mid mass, XVers L, stainless steel, condensing hot water boilers with inputs up to 3.0mmbtu/hr.
• Natural gas-fired, low mass (small footprint) XFIIRE, stainless steel, condensing hot water boilers with capacities up to 1.0mmbtu/hr input.
• Natural gas fired, low mass (small footprint) MVB, near condensing hot water boilers with capacities up to 4.0mbtu/hr input.
• Natural gas-fired, low mass


Contact Miller Proctor today and let us assist you select a hydronic heating appliance to best suit your project requirements. We are confident in our ability to provide the perfect solution for your application.

Need parts for your Cleaver Brooks or Raypak hot water boiler?

Only MPN can provide OEM parts for your Cleaver Brooks or Raypak appliance. Contact our parts department to access our large stock of parts to keep your appliance operating at peak performance

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