WILO USA, LLC. is a subsidiary of WILO SE which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for building services, the entire water management chain and industry. The company, whose sales reached more than 1.2 billion euros last year, has its eyes firmly fixed on the future and is heavily involved in research and development.

Based in Dortmund, WILO SE is increasingly moving away from being just a supplier of components and moving towards being a system supplier. The Wilo name is internationally recognized as being synonymous with high-tech in the pump industry. Behind the company are more than 7,500 employees in over 60 subsidiaries around the world.

Energy is a valuable commodity. That’s why Wilo created the world's first high-efficiency circulator in 2001. With the help of Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) technology, Wilo’s efficient, functional and flexible pumps for heating, cooling, and air conditioning reduce annual power consumption by up to 80%. ECM essentially comprises a synchronous motor with a permanent magnet rotor. The unique rotor-stator construction helps eliminate electrical losses.

Wilo pumps include the award-winning Stratos GIGA, a space-saving inline circulator with ECM technology that can achieve better than IE4 efficiencies and is the highest efficiency motor-drive combination on the market. Like the Stratos GIGA, multiple models of Wilo Stratos and Stratos Z circulators are energy-efficient and feature “red button” technology, LED displays, and control modules that enable integration with building management systems.

Standard Product Line

High Efficiency Circulators

Cast Iron Circulators

Wet Rotor Circulators

Bronze Circulators

Inline Centrifugal Circulators

Multistage Pumps

Inline Pumps

End Suction Diffusers and Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Boiler Room Accessories

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