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MPN now offers Shannon Global Energy’s Thermal Blankets and Insulation. Shannon thermal blanket insulation captures bare surface radiant heat loss on complex steam fittings and surfaces, process and power-gen applications, and more.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal Blanket Insulation

Capture bare-surface radiant heat loss on complex steam fittings and surfaces, process and power-gen applications, and more.

• Gate or stop-check valves, up-stream threaded fittings, expansion joints, heat exchangers, pumps, manifolds, silencers, piping, and gas turbines.
• A complete line of thermal and thermal-acoustic blankets for: OEM programs, hot oil, hydrocarbon, chemical, most acidic and basic environments, applications requiring nonporous, non-wicking systems, and more.

• Chemical-resistant jacketing materials and a double-sewn construction ensure a self-contained blanket that protects equipment from harsh conditions.
• Complies with both custom and prescriptive utility rebates where available.
• Standard offering includes: steam fittings and equipment, process fittings and equipment, engine and gas turbine exhaust, and a wide array of complex components with unique geometry.

Heat Shield Insulation

A thin-wall insulation solution for steam traps & specialties addressing radiant heat loss for energy savings and safety.

• Instrumentation, threaded fitting assemblies, manifolds, drip legs, tracing, boiler doors, and more.

• Shannon Heat Shield will retain up to 75% of the heat source.

Applications & Features

• Valves
• Fittings
• Piping
• Steam traps
• Steam valves
• Pumps
• Equipment
• Equipment heads
• Steam turbines
• Gas turbines
• Engine exhaust

• Removable & truly reusable (all insulation is removable)
• Custom-fit & CAD designed to match geometry (highest probability of reuse)
• Excellent thermal insulation performance
(backed by ASTM testing)

• Easy off & easy on integral fasteners
• Self contained insulation system
• Each blanket includes a metal id tag
• Each blanket includes a low point drain grommet
• Double sewn construction to last 15 years and beyond

Thermal Blankets Design-min

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