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A key component of any boiler system is the pump used to manage the fuel or water.  Pumps need to be powerful, reliable, efficient, and require little or no maintenance. It is important to select a quality pump that is designed to the exact specification of your HVAC system.

Pumps can be used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, as well as water supply, sewage disposal and wastewater treatment.  MPN Boilers can help you select the right pump for your application.  Shown below are several different types of pumps that are provided by one of our preferred suppliers - Wilo.


The Wilo Stratos is an in line, flanged wet rotor circulator with EC motor and automatic capacity adjustment. The Stratos is easy to install, simple to operate and is ideal for professional building management.  The Wilo Stratos offers the right functionality for every requirement. In addition to issuing standard collective error messages, the Wilo Stratos can be optionally connected to local operating networks (LON). Furthermore, additional IF (interface) modules with integrated dual-pump management as well as 0-10V DC capabilities can be retrofitted, the Wilo Stratos fulfills all requirements for professional building management.


Up to 80% Savings!*

  • Flow Range up to 285 gpm at 10ft
  • Heads up to 43ft
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to ECM technology
  • 3 times higher starting torque than a standard circulator
  • On-board diagnostics and data logger
  • Multiple control modules available for integration with building management systems


The Wilo Stratos GIGA is a high efficiency, single stage, low pressure, inline centrifugal pump; supplied with EC motor and electronic duty adaptation.  Available in glanded construction, mechanical shaft seal, and flanged connections.


Up to 70% Savings!*

  • Flow Range over 275 gpm at 40ft
  • Heads up to167
  • Integrated electronic power adjustment
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Multiple control modules available forintegration with building management systems
  • Easy-to-operate due to established red button technology and LED display
  • Various control modes Δp-c, Δp-v, PID and n=const. (manual control mode)
  • Control range is up to three times as high as for conventional electronically controlled pumps
  • Optional interfaces for bus communication using plug-in IF-Modules
  • Integrated double pump management with efficiency-optimized peak-load activation
  • Two configurable signal relays for run and fault signals
  • Fault management tailored to heating and air-conditioning applications
  • Access disable on the pump can be activated
  • Integrated full motor protection
  • High corrosion protection due to cataphoretic coating
  • Condensate drainage as standard
  • Integral threaded pump feet for foundation installation


The Wilo Stratos D In line, flanged wet rotor double circulator with EC motor and integrated automatic capacity adjustment.  The Stratos D has 6 interface modules available for extending built in functions, for building automation (BA) systems and external control.


Up to 80% Savings

  • Flow Range up to 480 gpm at 13ft
  • Heads up to 43
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to ECM technology
  • ‘Red Button’ technology and LED display for very easy operation
  • On-board diagnostics and data logger
  • 6 different control modules available
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Optimum handling due to front operation and front access to the terminal room
  • Integrated overload protection (min/max voltage, max temp, dry run, overload)
  • 6 interface modules available for extending built in functions, for building automation (BA) systems and external control
  • Impeller with 3-D curved blades and rotor using carbon fibre compound material
  • Pump housing with cataphoretic (KTL) coating for the prevention of corrosion by condensation formation


The Wilo Stratos Z is a Self-regulating, Inline, ECM (Electronically Communicated) type


Up to 80% Savings!*

  • Flow Range over 180 gpm at 10ft
  • Heads up to 43’
  • Maximum efficiency with ECM technology
  • NSF 61 / Annex G Certified
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Ease of installation with front access to wiring and programming "Red Button", position adjustable LCD viewing screen
  • Interface modules available for external control
  • Remote control and access to on-board data logger with optional USB infra-red device
  • Lead free construction, Stainless Steel volute, NSF 61 Annex G certified
  • External control and monitoring via optional IR interface modules (LONworks, BACnet, 0-10 Vdc, Ext Off, Ext Min and SBM Run Signal)
  • Built in overload fault contacts (opens on over/under voltage, dry run, locked rotor, overload and over temperature)


The Wilo IPL is a single stage inline, flanged, long coupled, mechanical sealed dry rotor pump.  Standard 56C NEMA frame Baldor motors


Heavy-duty, robust design!*

  • 1750 RPM Flow Range up to 325 gpm at 10ft
  • 34500 RPM Flow Range up to 380 gpm at 10ft
  • Heads up to 56’
  • ¼” suction and discharge pressure gauge tappings inlet and outlet
  • Pump legs drilled and tapped 3/8” SAE for ease of installation
  • Pumps water and water/glycol up to 50%
  • Cataphoresis coating for maximum corrosion protection
  • Standard bellows type mechanical seal
  • 420 SS stub shaft
  • “Easy Read” numbering system
  • All external bolts S.A.E. (Metric-Free)
  • Oversized O-Ring seal between motor stool and volute
  • Pump flanges 125 # raised face ANSI std
  • All bolts "non-metric"


The Wilo IL is a single stage low pressure centrifugal, inline design with mechanical sealed dry rotor pump.  Baldor NEMA standard motors.


Extended Range!*

  • 1750 RPM Flow Range up to 1000 gpm at 40ft
  • 3500 RPM Flow Range over 1400 gpm at 50ft
  • Heads up to 220’
  • Available in 1¼” to 4” flange sizes
  • Integral suction diffuser cast in volute inlet
  • Pump flanges 125 # raised face ANSI standard (250 # ANSI optional)
  • Cataphoretic coating for corrosion protection
  • All bolts “non-metric”
  • Pump feet drilled and tapped for ease of installation
  • Motor stool includes extra tappings for easy removal from volute ("jack screws")
  • Couplings include spacers and does not require dial indicators for alignment
  • Bronze Impeller trims for specific applications
  • Industrial quality bellows style mechanical seal
  • All fasteners SAE


The Wilo NL is an End suction back pull-out, single stage, centerline discharge base mounted centrifugal pump flexibly coupled to NEMA frame foot mount motor.


57 models! Up to 200 HP!*

  • 1750 RPM Flow Range up to  2500 gpm at 80ft
  • 3500 RPM Flow Range up to  2000 gpm at 100ft
  • Heads up to
  • Back pullout design permits replacement of bearings and seals without disturbing the piping
  • Three bearing bracket sizes for all models
  • Confined gasket between cover and casing
  • ¼” Suction and discharge pressure gauge tappings standard


The Wilo Top S is a Commercial Wet Rotor Circulator with flanged connection. Pre-selectable speed stages for capacity adjustment.


Quiet, low mainteance!*

  • Phase 1 Flow Range up to 120 gpm at 10ft
  • Phase 3 Flow Range up to  275 gpm at 10ft
  • Heads up to 71 ft
  • No mechanical seal
  • Two-speed operation on all voltages, ultra-quiet operation
  • Automatically vented
  • Cataphoresis coating prevents corrosion
  • ¼” Suction and discharge pressure gauge tappings
  • Sturdy cast aluminium electrical box
  • Short flange to flange dimension
  • Most extensive wet rotor line in the industry
  • Widest commercial wet rotor line in the Industry!


The Wilo Helix is a high pressure Vertical Multistage Pump with patent-pending 3D laser welded impeller design boosts performance.  Helix pumps easily adapt to existing installations due to modular pump housing (interchangeable with all major competitors).


Up to 33% more head, and 10% more flow per stage!*

  • Flow Range up to up to 380 gpm
  • Heads up to 800 ft
  • Equipped with X-seal, a user-friendly, rebuildable cartridge seal system reduces maintenance time by up to 70%
  • Floating flanges for easy installation
  • Standard EISA compliant TEFC, 2 pole motors
  • Spacer coupling standard on 7 ½ HP and larger models to eliminate the removal of the motor during the cartridge mechanical seal change
  • Built-in suction and discharge pressure gauge tappings on pump volute
  • Integrated thrust bearing reduces motor stress
  • Innovative motor stool design allows for the immediate access to the mechanical seal from either side of the pump
  • An integral roller bearing built into the motor stool provides perfect alignment and eliminates thrust loading on motor bearings
  • Corrosion-free baseplate is interchangeable with many competitor models
  • Flexible motor positioning for ease of wiring
  • Shaft abrasion and corrosion protection via stainless steel sleeve