Chimney Design Solutions

CHIMNEY DESIGN SOLUTIONS & ENERVEX® specializes in chimney and venting solutions and provides complete technical assistance for the design of ENERVEX chimney, exhaust, and vent systems.

Building heat exhaust systems and kitchen, dryer and bathroom exhaust systems are some of the most popular ENERVEX applications.  Multi-story, multi-family buildings and mixed use buildings have one thing in common: the demand for heating, hot water, clothes dryer, kitchen and bathroom exhaust and ventilation can vary substantially during the day - and very few exhaust solutions can accommodate these types of applications while saving energy. ENERVEX's DCV system designs are a perfect fit.

The optimal ventilation choice for today’s kitchen hoods, BBQs and pizza ovens.  ENERVEX offers a unique ventilation system designed specifically for pizza ovens.  Their quiet, high performing variable speed ventilation systems are the perfect solution for today's commercial kitchens.

ENERVEX has decades of experience and offers a range of energy-saving, aesthetically pleasing, flexible and quiet solutions for venting, exhaust and vent systems whether for new construction or retrofits.

Standard Product Line

  • ASHRAE-based Chimney and Vent Calculations and Analysis
  • Chimney and Vent Code Review
  • Boiler Room Combustion Air Calculations and Analysis
  • Commercial Boiler & Water Heater Exhaust Fans
  • Combustion/Supply Air Systems
  • Draft Controls
  • Draft Inducers
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