Suffolk County ME Office

Project Type:  Boiler Replacement

The Medical Examiners Building, a three story structure, is located in North County Complex in Hauppauge, New York. This building receives its heating & cooling service from units that are shared with the District Attorney's Building. The combined square footage of the two buildings is 156,101 square feet. These buildings house over 200 employees that investigate about 4500 deaths a year providing critical service to the county.

Before the upgrades to the heating & cooling systems were made, the buildings were heated by three HB Smith Cast Iron Section Low Pressure Steam Boilers. This outdated 30 million BTU/hour boiler plant, which was original to the 1986 construction, was vastly too large for the buildings that it was serving. Also, these antiquated boilers needed to have their sections frequently replaced causing additional expense.

The Suffolk County Department of Public works selected to replace the existing Cast Iron Sectional Boilers with three (3) Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-H 60 HP Low Pressure Steam, Scotch Marine boilers.  The Cleaver-Brooks boilers were selected due to their high efficiency and their ability to be rigged into the boiler room through a narrow 5' wide access way.

The new Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire® Boilers operate with a fuel to steam efficiency of approximately 86%, much greater than the previous boilers.  During the coldest temperatures of the winter heating season, two out of the three boilers are required to heat the building.  Thanks to the 5:1 turndown capabilities of each boiler, one boiler generally stays on at all times thereby greatly reducing energy consuming cycling losses.  During the summer time, the boilers are shut down and domestic hot water is provided by a dedicated domestic hot water heater and a heat exchanger located on the new microturbine.

As mentioned before, the older boilers were out of date and becoming increasingly less practical to operate. The new boilers installed are 2,008,500 Btu/hour Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-H Boilers that run at 86% efficiency, a massive improvement over the old boilers.

Customer Statement:

“”Thanks to the upgrade, the building witnessed a 40% reduction in energy costs during the first heating season.  In addition to this reduction in energy costs, Suffolk County received a rebate from National Grid in the amount of $20,761.00."   >   Brian Darwell – Suffolk County Department of Public Works