Arrow Linen

Project Type:   Control System Upgrade – High Pressure Steam Boiler

Established in Brooklyn in 1947, Arrow Linen is one of New York’s premiere linen supply companies serving the five boroughs and all the surrounding areas including lower parts of Connecticut.  Family owned since inception, Arrow Linen strives to always use state of the art technology to increase volume, enhance quality control standards and to provide for energy savings.  At the heart of the operation is a lone 500 HP Cleaver Brooks High Pressure Steam Boiler installed in 1994.  Reliability of this boiler is critical as without the high pressure steam, laundry operations come to a stop.

As part of Arrow Linen's initiatives for increased energy savings and enhance reliability, Arrow Linen's Chief Engineer, Frank Park, contacted MPN to provide equipment and services to upgrade the boiler control system to a HAWK ICS Advanced Control System with Oxygen Trim and Variable Speed Drive control of the Combustion Air Fan.  Although straightforward work for MPN, this project presented a Unique challenge.  Since the boiler is the only source of steam for the facility, all conversion work had to be performed over a weekend following shutdown of production on Saturday afternoon and be back in service on Monday morning at 4:00 am.

Thru close coordination with Arrow Linen, MPN provided as much pre-outage work as possible and began control conversion work on a Saturday afternoon.  By Monday morning, the boiler was back online producing steam using the HAWK ICS control system.

With the installation of the new control system, Arrow Linen was able to receive a rebate in the amount of $74,813.00  from National Grid.  In addition, the control system now provides more reliable service, significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear thanks primarily to the Variable Speed Drive on the Combustion Air Fan.  Boiler cleanings are now easier due to cleaner combustion control throughout the firing range of the boiler.

Thanks in part to the success of this project and long standing relationship with MPN and Cleaver-Brooks, Arrow Linen has selected Cleaver Brooks equipment for their new state of the art production facility to be located in Garden City, New York.

Customer Statement:
By installing the Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS upgrade, Arrow Linen received a rebate from National Grid in the amount of $74,813.00 and significantly reduced our fuel consumption.  Resulting ROI was approximately 1.5 years” – Frank Park – Chief Engineer – Arrow Linen