Boiler Repair Controls

Boiler Controls

Boiler controls expert Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc. offers a wide range of electronic hydronic, steam or hybrid system controls to strike the best balance between performance and cost, depending on your needs. The controls can be as simple as managing room temperature via a simple electronic boiler control to as sophisticated as total system communication and complete building automation and integration. Outdoor reset sensors are one key element in our hydronic control systems, maximizing hydronic system efficiency and performance by adjusting the supply water temperature based on outdoor sensor feedback. This control strategy can be implemented on both hydronic as well as hybrid installations depending on the type of boiler chosen as well as the operating temperature.

MPN Boilers can help you increase efficiency and decrease fuel costs and emissions with selecting the correct control systems to get the most out of your boiler.  With MPN Boilers’ electronic boiler controls for your hydronic heating system, you can manage its performance and keep it operating at optimum levels. MPN Boilers will work with you to help select the ideal hydronic controls for your system's specific requirements.

Let us assist you in finding the best choice for your boiler room:

Cleaver Brooks Boiler New York


Fully designed and optimized to work with our Cleaver-Brooks systems to help you get the most efficient and money-saving performance out of your boiler room. Virtually any system can benefit from the addition of a control.

The CB Master Panel is the central interface between each individual boiler’s control system and other boiler room equipment to external remote monitoring or building automation systems.

The Hawk is a complete boiler room solution. It not only integrates the boiler/burner, heat recovery and feedwater systems, but provides complete boiler room data to remote communication systems such as building automation systems, SCADA packages and other remote monitoring systems. While integrated, the combustion and burner management are maintained as separate devices to meet NFPA85 and other safety codes. Because the Hawk comes preprogrammed for boiler/burner applications, commissioning your boiler system can save you time in getting your customer online.

Boiler Repair Temperature Controls


Raypak’s array of temperature controllers offers such state-of-the-art features as: sequence-control of up to 16 boilers; PID technology (see below); optimized approach to outdoor reset; Building Management System interfacing; modulation or stage-firing control; and other energy-saving functions. Unlike off-the-shelf controllers, Raypak’s four controller models have been specially designed to maximize the performance of its leading-edge boiler systems.

Raypak controllers feature state-of-the-art PID technology, an application of Proportional, Integral and Derivative functions in varying algorithms to optimize system performance. Other controllers on the market either do not utilize PID technology or use only the Proportional (P) function (the component that controls output in proportion to how far the monitored point is from the target temperature). Raypak’s controller series also makes use of the Integral (I) function which factors in the time it takes to reach the target temperature and enhances the proportional response accordingly. Add to this the Derivative (D) function which monitors how quickly the monitored point is approaching or drifting away from the target temperature. With all three functions, a properly designed PID-based control achieves set point quickly and levels off at the target temperature with minimal over- or under-shooting. The result is maximum system efficiency and performance.