AXI International

AXI INTERNATIONAL is an innovative company in the field of diesel fuel treatment. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Florida, USA with an extensive global distribution network that operates in over 70 countries.

At AXI INTERNATIONAL, we clean, restore, and maintain  fuel wherever  it is used or stored, while making   engines  more   reliable  and   efficient, providing peace of mind for our customers, and ensuring a cleaner world for future generations.

Much of the world runs on diesel fuel. Diesel is notoriously dirty, with a shelf life of approximately 6 months. From the moment the fuel leaves the refinery, it becomes compromised through the natural formation of sludge, condensation, and other types of degradation. When you put compromised fuel into your engine, the result is excessive wear on parts, harmful emissions, and ultimately engine stoppage. Over time, these results will mean less reliable engines and higher, more frequent maintenance costs. AXI INTERNATIONAL engineers and manufactures products and services designed and tailored to optimize diesel fuel integrity and eliminate fuel-related engine problems. If the world’s old diesel engines ran on cleaner diesel fuel, the results are improved combustion, enhanced engine reliability, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs. For operators and mission-critical facilities around the world, this means maximum uptime, effective risk management, and peace of mind.

Boiler Repair Professional

Wessel van Tonder (CEO, AXI INTERNATIONAL) has an expansive knowledge of International business management with a market focus on global fuel economics. He specializes in multi-corporate financial developments. Wessel’s current vision is geared towards environmental betterment, fuel optimization technologies, and innovative clean fuel engineering.

He acquired AXI INTERNATIONAL in February of 2012 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Wessel received a B.A. in International Finance from University of Cape Town and an M.B.A. in International Business, also from University of Cape Town.

Our promise to you is that the AXI solution will eliminate fuel-related problems and ensure optimal fuel at all times wherever it is used or stored, resulting in:

  • Improved combustion
  • Enhanced engine reliability
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximum uptime
  • Effective risk management
  • Peace of mind