Hurricane Sandy Recovery

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Built in 2005, 2 Gold Street is a 51 Story, Luxury Apartment Building located in the financial district of New York City. Owned and operated by TF Cornerstone, 2 Gold Street is the epitome of luxury and comfort with a heated glass enclosed lap pool, roof top deck with grass lawn and a rooftop solarium with gas fire place, wet bar and catering kitchen. Providing low pressure steam heat to the building and to the domestic hot water heaters are a pair of 500 HP Cleaver Brooks Scotch Marine, 4 Pass, Low Pressure Steam Boilers.

On October 30, 2012 flood waters created by the storm surge associated with Hurricane Sandy entered the building, flooding the lobby and the basements below. The boilers, located in the sub-basement of the build ing became completely submerged.

Immediately following the storm, TF Cornerstone contacted MPN to evaluate the condition of the boilers and to provide recommendations to return the equipment to service. Partially based on these recommendations, TF Cornerstone established an aggressive schedule to restore heat and utilities to the building. Working closely with Cleaver-Brooks, MPN provided the necessary field service labor and materials to completely remove all damaged components including boiler insulation, electrical components, and control panels. The boilers were completely cleaned and hydrostatically tested to ensure pressure vessel integrity. Cleaver-Brooks factory personnel were dispatched to install new insulation. Each Boiler received a new high turndown burner and HAWK ICS Control Components to achieve the highest possible operating efficiency for the building. Upon completion of the recovery work, each boiler underwent a complete start-up and commissioning by MPN personnel.

Notice to proceed with the boiler repairs was provided on November 24, 2012. The first boiler was back on line in January 2013. This fast turnaround was made possible through MPN's close coordination with TF Cornerstone, their Mechanical Contractor, and Cleaver-Brooks. Today, the boilers are operating more efficiently than before thanks to the HAWK ICS Advance Control Packages and to the High Turndown Burners. The High Turndown burners contribute significantly to energy savings due to their ability to reduce boiler cycling and keep the boilers online even during extremely low load conditions.

Customer Statement
"Through extremely challenging conditions following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, MPN and CIeaver-Brooks delivered operational boilers back to 2 Gold Street on time and in line with the high standards expected by TF Cornerstone Properties. From the rehabilitation kick-off to the final operator training, MPN's staff provided a level of dedication and support that would assure a successful outcome."> Frank Vasta Executive VP - TF Cornerstone