New Watertube Steam Boiler for University

Location:  State University of New York – Stony Brook Central Utility Plant

Miller Proctor Nickolas and Cleaver-Brooks recently provided a Custom Industrial Watertube Steam Boiler for the campus central heating plant.  The boiler replaced an existing boiler that had reached the end of its useful life.  The boiler produces steam at up to 425 psig to the central heating plants cascade heating system that provides a campus-wide high-temperature hot water loop.  Unique to this project was the fact that due to a restricted rigging path, this boiler was purchased and built in place by Boilermatic Welding of Medford NY.  Boilermatic Welding provided the skilled boilermaker labor to assemble the boiler along with the installation of the economizer, burner, and controls.  The specifics of this boiler are as follows:

  • O-Type Industrial Water Tube Boiler with a capacity of 85,000 lb/hr saturated steam at 450 psig.  The boiler pressure vessel is stamped in accordance with ASME Section 1 for a 500 psig design pressure.
  • Dual Fuel (Natural Gas / No. 2 Fuel oil) Full Modulating, Low NOx NatCom burner with high turndown performance.
  • 100% Welded Membrane Construction.
  • Unique hot standby burner and control system to maintain the boiler at operating pressure at all times to allow instantaneous steam production.
  • Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS 5000 Boiler Combustion Control and Burner Management System configured for fully metered combustion control with oxygen trim and variable speed drive control of combustion air fan.
    Two-element feedwater control system
  • Integral boiler draft control system.
  • Feedwater Economizer

Upon completion of the boiler start-up in 2022, the boiler has maintained a 100% readiness condition providing heat when necessary to the campus heating system.  Due to the advanced burner and control system, the boiler is more efficient and reliable than any other boilers in the central utility plant.

In addition to the boiler, MPN provided an updated Plant Master System to replace an obsolete system that did not provide accurate steam header pressure control.  MPN provided an updated SCADA system to remotely monitor the new boiler and existing boilers along with the balance of plant systems.

A project of this nature is not easily accomplished without the experienced staff that Miller Proctor Nickolas is known for.  Due to extremely tight installation clearances, MPN was integral in ensuring the boiler would fit in the available space.  The project management and field service staff of Miller Proctor Nickolas provided job site assistance for pressure vessel assembly, instrumentation installation, and electrical work.  The MPN service technicians worked with the Cleaver Brooks start-up technician to provide a complete boiler start-up including final tune-up, commissioning, and operator training.

Another fine example of the diversity of equipment and services that MPN can provide.  Please contact MPN with your high-pressure steam / SCADA system needs.  We are ready to serve you!

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